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Catherine McKay and Pages Books have definitely "demonstrated commitment to freedom of expression . . . over an extended period of time". Pages regularly hosts author readings 'upstairs' in the shop and sometimes at the Dutton Theatre in conjunction with the Calgary Public Library. These presentations allow both well known and lesser known writers to share their works and ideas with the Calgary community. In addition, Pages has long been active in Wordfest and in Word on the Street.

The Freedom of Expression Award criteria also mention, "taking a public stand to raise awareness of freedom of expression". Catherine McKay and Pages strongly oppose the banning of books. This belief was articulately and firmly supported in Catherine's March 6, 2003 letter to the Calgary Herald in response to a Herald editorial regarding the book Karla written by Stephen Williams. "We have not banned it (Karla) at Pages. We urge Calgarians to make their own choices about whether to purchase or read this or any other book."

Further proof that Pages is greatly valued by Calgarians is the fact that readers of Fast Forward magazine voted Pages the Best Independent Bookseller for 2003. Pages also has a national profile as witnessed by the fact that the Libris Awards selected Pages as the 2003 Canadian Bookseller of the Year. Both the local and the national award reflect the active role which Pages plays in encouraging and defending the freedom to read and the freedom of expression.

Under Cathy's guardianship, Pages was and continues to be much more than a business. It is a meeting place that fosters creative expression. It was Cathy's spirit, her love of books, and the care she took to promote all authors--both lesser and well known--that has made Pages the exceptional place it is today. Because of her connections in the publishing industry, she often passed along new authors' works to larger publishing houses.


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